Warranty Policy

Your new Sleep Nation sleep set is free of defects from materials and workmanship. Should their by any such defects, it will be repaired or replaced under the terms of this limited warranty, honored by the manufacturer. The conditions of this warranty is as follows:

  • Your Sleep Nation mattress will be repaired or replaced without charge from the manufacturer, should your mattress be defective because of fault of workmanship or structural defects, during the life of your warranty (other than specified limitations contained herein). Body impressions are caused by the natural compressions of quality upholstery materials and are not structural defects.
  • Warranty shall not apply if the mattress and foundation are not supported by a bed frame with an additional center rail with leg support of Full (Double) Queen, or King Sized Models.
  • Warranty shall not apply if the bedding has been burned, spoiled, in unsanitary condition, or otherwise abused or damaged; and it shall not apply to border wires, which are bent due to improper handling of the sleep set.
  • If the mattress is purchased separately, the use of an improper foundation may lead to abuse and damage that is not covered by the terms of this warranty. To ensure compliance, a Sleep Nation matching foundation or equivalent is required for proper support.
  • Warranty shall not apply if LAW tag is removed.
  • Your Sleep Nation Warranty is NON TRANSFERABLE and only applies to original owner.
  • Body impressions of less than 2” (inches) are NOT covered under warranty
  • Because of the nature of the product, the mattress fabric is excluded from this limited warranty
  • All transport costs are the responsibility of the original customer.
  • Service and handling charges will apply.
  • The purchaser is required under this limited warranty to return a completed warranty registration card to the manufacturer at the time.