180 Nights Sleep Trial

Sleep Nation- ‘Sleep tight’ -Exchange Program

At Sleep Nation, we believe everyone needs to be absolutely sure of their mattress purchase. We have no hidden fees like many of our competitors have. We don’t have conditions, and as such we wont require that you purchase a mattress protector ranging from $100-$150 to qualify for their exchange program. The only charge is a $99 mattress exchange/disposable fee. This exchange fee covers our disposal costs of your used mattress as we DO NOT re-sell mattresses that have been opened out of their bag and used. It’s a matter of hygiene and its truly simple and hassle free!

Terms and Conditions

Please note that this is a one-time exchange on all new purchases and mattresses must be exchanged in their original packaging.

No exchanges can be made within the first 30 days of delivery to allow time for your body to adjust to your new mattress. Sleep Nation does not offer any refunds once a mattress has been delivered. There will be no additional discounts, price matching, or offers provided on exchanged mattress. Mattresses must be exchanged for a mattress of the same size as the original mattress purchased and must be exchanged in satisfactory condition with no damage, stains, or scuffs. If a mattress is exchanged for a more expensive model, it would be the customer’s responsibility to pay the price difference.

If a mattress is exchanged for a less expensive model, a store credit will be issued; there will be no refunds.  There will be no exchanges on custom sizes, special order mattresses, floor models, or accessories such as bed frames, box springs, mattress protectors or pillows. The 180 Night comfort guarantee does not apply to warranty claims. Please contact Sleep Nation.ca for more information.***