Always concerned about your mattress? Have a lot of questions to be answered? Let us provide all the right answers to your queries.

The process of buying a new mattress starts with identifying individual needs and preferences.

Our mattress buying guide can help you weigh your options and make an informed decision on improving your sleep health.

While we recommend not basing your mattress purchase decision solely on the material of the mattress, it is still important to understand the difference between all the available options and how it can impact your sleep quality. You can read through our blog to gain an in-depth knowledge about the various kinds of mattress materials.

Our mattresses are available in all standard sizes, starting from the smallest single size, going up to the biggest king size with double and queen sizes in between. In case you have a non-standard size bed, we also customize the size of the mattress to suit your requirement.

The safest way to clean a Sleep Nation mattress is to get professional deep cleaning done twice a year. However, to maintain the hygiene and durability of the mattress we highly recommend using a mattress protector. It will protect the mattress from any kind of spills, stains, bed wetting and moisture seepage. It will also protect your mattress from dust mites, allergens and bacteria.

You can buy a mattress online. Online orders can be placed here at sleepnation.ca.

Apart from mattresses, we also have an entire range of pillows, bedding, bed frames designed to meet different sleep needs. We also have mattress protectors, comforters and sleep tech solutions to help you improve your sleep quality.

A mattress protector is a must to shield your mattress from spills, stains, bed wetting and the harmful effects of moisture, dust and allergens. We recommend using it to waterproof your mattress, protect it from harmful bacteria , dust mites and allergens and have it stay fresh and hygienic for longer period of time.