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Here’s Why You Should Buy a Pocket Coil Mattress

by Divya Antony 28 May 2024

Pocket coil mattresses are very popular because they contain coils that are independent of each other and wrapped separately in their own pockets. Traditional mattresses have coils that are connected to each other, which causes more movement across the sleep surface and less durability in the innerspring mattress. 

A pocket coil mattress, however, offers great comfort and support for a longer period and helps keep the motion transfer at the sleep surface very minimal. 

Why You Should Buy a Pocket Coil Mattress

This type of mattress is made of metal springs, and the coils are then attached to a main base to ensure they are stable and facing upright. The coils are all tightly packed but not connected, and each coil is wrapped in its own pocket, which is why it is called a pocket coil mattress. 

All pocket coil mattresses will vary in one way or another in terms of the thickness of the coils, height and total count of coils. Firmer mattresses will have thicker coils, whereas softer mattresses have thinner coils. There are many benefits you can experience with this type of mattress, and here are just some of the reasons why you should invest in a pocket coil mattress:

1. Minimal motion transfer

The coils in a pocket coil mattress are individually wrapped and separate from one another, which means the person lying on top only uses the coils directly beneath their body. When you move, you do not move the coils underneath your partner because there is minimal motion transfer across the sleep surface. 

2. Offers complete support

When you lie on top of a pocket coil mattress, every coil reacts to your body's pressure individually, meaning the heavier parts of your body will experience more pressure relief from the pocket coils directly beneath. This benefits everyone but is especially great for heavier individuals who want to buy a new mattress.

3. Durability

Pocket coil mattresses are very durable, and most of them come with a 10-year warranty. Top-of-the-line pocket coil mattresses can last even longer. Fabric encasements are used for the coils, which offer an added layer of support for the bed springs and allow them to provide you with comfort and support for a longer period. 

4. Better sleep

The construction of pocket coil mattresses allows for super breathability and a temperature-regulated sleep surface.

Is it worth investing in a Pocket Coil Mattress?

There are many different types of mattresses, and deciding which one to buy is not easy. Price is an important factor many consumers will consider first, and while this will certainly affect your choice, you must also consider the long-term benefits you will experience. The right mattress will provide you with many years of comfort and restful sleep, and it is worth paying a little more for a mattress because you sleep on it every night. 

The good news is that pocket coil mattresses are affordable. You can find very comfortable and durable pocket coil mattresses at great prices. The price of your mattress will depend on the coil count, coil thickness, and the layers of foam used. 

In terms of duration, pocket coil mattresses can last up to 12 years, although this will vary, and some people may need to change their mattress sooner. Some springs will age before others, especially in areas where you lay on the most, and if you notice some parts of your mattress are aging, it is best to change the mattress.

A pocket coil mattress is a great choice for most people. If you are looking for an affordable mattress that will provide you with great support and many years of comfort, this type of mattress may be the perfect fit for you!

Choose Sleep Nation for Quality Mattresses

Are you looking for great mattresses at affordable prices? Sleep Nation has everything you need! We sell quality mattresses at affordable prices, and you can visit our showroom to see all the different mattresses we carry. Pocket coil mattresses are a great choice because they are affordable, durable, and comfortable. Check out our selection of pocket coil mattresses at our store!

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